Today I have;
~ finished a cross stitch.
~ been to the job centre and somehow agreed to do work experience there.
~ been to the post office.
~ been to the shop.
~ fed my mum and myself.
~ dusted the tv stand.
~ sorted the kittens water and cat litter trays.
~ tidied the kitchen a little.
~ done as much of the recycle as I could due to the overflowing bins.
~ and fed the birds.

Now, I’m gonna go search for a second hand desk, watch bad sitcoms and do another cross stitch. And maybe nap. Probably nap.


Woodland trail by Ronayne94 on Flickr.



One of my favorite quote of Malcolm in the middle.

Happy birthday to me

My bday every year

IMG_0436.jpg (by Mark Dumont)